SOCO by Groupama Immobilier

On the outskirts of Paris’s oldest business district, how can a new way of working be promoted? For Groupama Immobilier’s planned office complex, we crafted a brand name and identity at the intersection between the trendy South Pigalle neighborhood and the emerging co-action movement. The SoCo building promises a SoCollaborative, SoConnected, SoCool and SoCompetitive experience.

Branding that is aligned with the expectations of millennials, start-uppers and digital natives.
Content and style delivering guarantees, leaning on four cornerstones and a graphic design system that is as scalable and multiform as the uses of its occupants.

An invitation to pool inspiration, skills and energy to produce an atmosphere that stimulates collective and individual performance.

SoCollaborative — tomorrow’s businesses will be led by collaborative workspaces.

A pop-up space reflecting this in-vogue, connected neighborhood.

Spaces designed to reflect new ways of working, in its many forms: