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Delivering the unexpected when you are so keenly awaited

Terre de Sienne conducted the launch of the Fawaz Gruosi brand, a central, emblematic figure of Fine Jewellery, designing a brand territory with a powerful, irreverent promise, and artistic direction that relentlessly plays on contrasts. 

Like its creator, the eponymous brand, so keenly awaited for two years, delivered the unsuspected, with endless surprises: “Expect the Unexpected”.

A 360° strategy and singular brand experience, from the London boutique to the photo shoot, via the digital touchpoints.

Creation of the logo, the visual identity and the brand’s DNA: A designer full of paradox,  a brand of the unexpected 

 “My mind finds inspiration in unexpected places, quiet spaces, contrast and paradox”  Fawaz Gruosi

Boutique pictures © James McDonald
Boutique pictures © James McDonald

The architect Francis Sultana created the interior of the London boutique, located in Berkeley Square. The videos and posters were produced and directed by Terre de Sienne during the campaigns.

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