Bureau Veritas

To revolutionize its image and highlight its role as a business partner, Bureau Veritas publishes “Le Mag,” an online newsletter available on social media and the web. It contains articles by experts revealing the inner workings of innovative businesses that deliver performance.

Content, a Key Focus of the Campaign

By interviewing around 30 of its clients’ experts, researchers, project managers and executives each month, Bureau Veritas provides new information on the achievements made possible by innovation, as well as the best way to manage risks to produce safe technologies.

Drones in industry, Wi-Fi on high-speed trains and Autolib’ (Paris’ electric car-sharing system) are just some examples of the innovations found in its contents.

« In France, we know how to handle complexity while controlling risks. And creating trust. »

Matthieu Lassalle, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Bureau Veritas France