Sometimes three letters speak louder than words. For the marketing campaign for this address, Terre de Sienne crafted a message platform and effective content, producing an identity that set the building apart. From content and publications to advertising and content programming, the comprehensive communications strategy reflected the underlying concept of “the shortest route to high performance.”

IRO is the reflection of an ambition, a project specifically designed to support the development of innovative companies.

Feeling comfortable at work is essential. That’s why Terre de Sienne created an exciting, fresh identity for this building. What if these three little letters offer new perspectives?

An editorial design defined by key words, for simple, readable, flexible branding.

TOP, ZEN and NEW — three positive keywords for the brightly colored marketing suite installed in construction site cabins.

An evening for IRO held at the Grand Palais in Paris on the theme of performance, with special guest Yvan Bourgnon,

record-holding skipper.

Screening of “The Mercy”, starring Colin Firth, at the Mk2 cinema.