Bloom Bercy is a new office building in Paris that brings nature back into the city. TERRE DE SIENNE created and deployed a communications strategy built on a baseline that also serves as a mission statement. In fact, “Fresh Touch” conveys the sense of an innovative, community-minded new workspace. Located just steps away from the Parc de Bercy, Bloom has been designed to drive performance and instill a new approach to working in an office environment.

These strengths were showcased by a holistic campaign that, like the building, combines agility and appeal. TERRE DE SIENNE found a name, created a brand platform and logo, developed the baseline and editorial, image and audiovisual content strategy and provided spatial design.

A set of three brochures: Learn all about the building in INSIDE, all about the neighborhood in CITY and all about future office and work-life trends in ESPRIT.
More than just a name and logo, an identity that reawakens the office property market. It inspires ideas and creativity, which both blossom in this new building.
The CITY brochure, illustrated by Damien Florébert Cuypers, takes readers on a tour of the favourite haunts of three locals in love with the neighborhood.
The baseline “Fresh Touch” evokes a breath of clean, fresh air, carrying with it the creative energy of nature.
An inviting marketing suite offering a warm welcome and spaces that do justice to Bloom’s freshness.

Promotional merchandise in perfect harmony with the botanical universe specifically created for Bloom.