Arkema Group

Innovative Chemistry — a company that reinvented itself in its first decade boldly stakes its claim. Arkema Group is innovation-driven, developing new solutions in a constantly evolving world, to meet the expectations of demanding markets. We provide consulting and support for every form of brand expression, from brand positioning, visual identity and logo to digital media, publications, design of spaces, advertising campaigns and an innovation showroom.

Advertising campaigns emphasizing high-value-added “green chemistry” solutions via scroller displays promoting the company’s new positioning, celebrating its tenth anniversary and ambitious transformation strategy, and welcoming COP21 visitors to Paris.

Showcasing Arkema Group’s excellence and creativity, the annual report is redesigned each year to feature and promote innovation in a magazine format in tune with the company’s DNA.

Atelier 4.20: Innovation by Arkema. Experience it all in a dedicated showroom with a materials library, a presentation of Arkema’s R&D platforms, everyday life by Arkema and an introduction to markets. It all adds up to an interactive, digital vision of chemistry today and tomorrow.